Training Clinics for Stall/ Spin/Upset/Aerobatics/Pitts
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          LEARN, EXPERIENCE, be SAFER and have FUN!

Flight Schools, FBO's, Corporate Flight Departments, Flying Clubs, IAC Chapters or
Individual Groups can be a part of a great learning experience at low cost!
Call for details on how to Sponsor. Depending on course and class size cost is $350.00
to $450.00 per person. We have a gathering the night before to eat, talk airplanes
and a Presentation. Flight training starts the next morning. Each student gets a 45
minute flight. It's fun and a  great learning experience.  

Johnny White can provide the most informative and valuable Safety enhancing
Training available. Simple  presentation and explanation in a language that you the
Pilot in the cockpit can use instinctively and reactively. Training includes a through
group ground instruction session with plenty of time for Q&A. Each flight will be a
minimum of  30 to 45 minutes of "Hands On"  flight instruction and demos with
 pre &
post flight briefing per flight so the student will get the best opportunity to obtain the
understanding, knowledge, skills, and confidence to cope with in flight abnormal
control events.

This is the most important training for those inflight control events that must be
recognised, prevented or recovered from instinctively, with confidence and without
hesitation. Learn how to have complete control of
Angle of Attack, Yaw, Roll and
Pitch to prevent or recover from an in flight control event with confidence and
without hesitation. The Emergency Maneuver Recovery Method will be taught in
addition to normal recoveries.
This course is for all types of Pilots, Student to ATP rated Professionals and Aircraft
from LSA to Transport Jets.

I highly recommend advanced spin training to anyone interested and intending to do
aerobatics. Most all Aerobatic airplanes will readily spin and many are capable of
every type spin. Although all of them will recover predictably the successful recovery
is dependant upon the Pilot knowing what type of spin and it's direction of rotation.
It is of utmost importance to have the "Experience" of every type and know the
proper recovery. The Accelerated and Crossover spin are the two that can get the
Pilot disorientated, confused and induce fear or panic to the point of unsuccessful
recovery. After your first one or two you will understand why.

Aerobatics is just using the six basic maneuvers that any airplane can do in some
combination. Sounds simple? It is and if you have the basics down pat then they are
easy to do.
Basic: Barrel, Aileron Roll, Looping maneuvers, Hammerhead and Inverted Flight   
           with turns.
Advanced: Snap Rolls, Vertical maneuvers, Gyroscopics and Tumbles  and many with  
                 the basics in combination.
Gain skill and confidence in yourself and the airplane.

The Pitts is a great aerobatic airplane. Maneuverable, sensitive, responsive in the air.
Sensitive, responsive and very unforgiving on the ground! Most Pilots have trouble
over controlling and a lack of sound knowledge of how to fly a tail wheel airplane. To
minimise a chance of having a Take Off or Landing incident it is imperative to use a
stable approach and have the skills to make a proper three point attitude landing.
The Pitts is not that hard to fly correctly once you master all the basics just like any
other Flying endeavor. Attend one my Clinics and see for yourself.

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John R. White – “Johnny”           Graduate of Embry Riddle 1972               s
Certificates and Ratings:
ATP C-500, C56XL, CJ525B, B737, DC9, FK100, AB320 series
FE-727  CFI-II MEI. Adv. & Inst GI
A&P with

Professional Pilot for 42 years & 31000+hrs
62 years old - Born 4/11/1952
Married with Children and Grand Children
Reside in Abingdon Va.
Home Airport – KVJI
             Masonic Lodge 231

Present Employment: Chief Pilot for Strongwell Corp. XLS+,  CJ3
                                 Owner and Operator of Aviators Unlimited
Previous Aviation Employments: USAirways Captain Retired, Piper Aircraft Corp
Product Support Service & Experimental Test Pilot,  White Aviation (FBO),            
Pittston Corp, Singleton Stores, Gatton Chevrolet Corporate Pilot

My father was a WW-II Aviator and Corporate Pilot for many years. He gave me my
first experience at the controls of an airplane at the age of twelve and I have been
fascinated by the touch and feel of the controls ever since. That inspiration my Father
gave me has lead me to forever to research, study, experiment by trial, error and  
observation of other Pilots from all disciplines to discover how to do it the best, easiest,
most consistent way.
It is referred to as, “Stick & Rudder Skills”. The skills you may have once been taught
and let the proficiency of detererated over the course of your career. It is very common
with being a Professional Pilot.
Your job is very important to a lot of people that depend on you for their safety and
comfort. Your family, loved ones and friends depend on you also. You may have forgot
that you are “Bigger than life” to many and you are responsible for so much.
Today, flying a Corporate Jet, Turbo Prop or Recip exposes you to a lot of opportunities
to have an “Upset” or “Unusual Attitude” situation.  If and when one of those events
happens it will most assuredly be a surprise but with proper knowledge and skill it will
be one to remember and all will live to tell about. It is my sincere hope and desire to pass
to you the knowledge, skills and confidence to make that event just a story to tell.

Johnny White